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December 15, 2014

Arc 17 Extension: Avalon

Avalon is a 21-page extra chapter, going into detail about events touched upon in the last pages of Arc 17. IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THE STORY, IT'S AN INTRIGUING EXTRA. When I do these chapters, it's stuff I decided to cut from the comic script, but is cool enough to make as an extra for fans of the story.

So here's the deal, it's $5, just like the other downloadable chapters listed in the side bar. After purchase, you will be FORWARDED to the PDF. If you are not forwarded, you can send me an email ( and I will send you back the direct link. This one is full-on comic, with little narration, and could fit right into the archives stylistically speaking. It features primarily Noor, Marlin, Bob and Prim, and what they are doing to screw over survive under Arthur's rule. And what they're doing about Colbey. If you purchased the story, please try to leave a comment to let other people know what you liked about it! Or didn't, I suppose, though I certainly hope it's an enjoyable extra!

I am considering that if 100 people buy this story (or rather, I make $500), it will become available in the archives for all to enjoy. Half that amount wasn't a problem at all last year for The Proposal, so it's a goal well within reach. BUT if people who buy don't want to share, I'd understand, and will not let it go public. So speak now!

All qualifying Patrons should have received the direct link to view it, so if you haven't, check your Patreon mail!

Additionally, one painting is still available for $125, free shipping for domestic purchases:

, email if you'd like to buy it.

Lastly, no more comics until the new year, I'm exhausted, all this stuff with my dog is leaving me REALLY REALLY burned out, and I have no motivation to do anything but sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket. I have never understood an inkling of depression until this point. The dog is still alive, but he goes up and down at a moment's notice. And when he's down he requires constant care. Until his bad days outnumber his good, I'll do my best to keep him around. But the surgery thing is off the table, the cancer was confirmed as metastatic with an extremely poor prognosis. It has not been a good few weeks. Sorry.

Any funds now made from this comic/paintings/etc now go toward paying emergency vet bills back I suppose.